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Summer in Australia means flip flops, cozzies, days at the beach and nights by the barbie, and because of the extreme temperatures in our sunburnt country it is simply impractical for us Aussie Sheila’s to wear a full face of makeup.

We’ve all seen someone try it.

Mascara smudges. Blush and Bronzer run together along with a side of sweat to form a makeup mess.

That’s why in these warmer months Australian women are opting for a more natural look. We are choosing dewy skin, bold brows and natural-looking flushed cheeks.

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This ‘effortless’ look is only achieved by taking care of our skin and developing a regular skin routine. This is the back bone behind Korean Beauty Products. Rather than focusing on covering up the imperfections of our skin with layers of contouring and highlighting, Korean Beauty products suggest we should embrace a holistic approach by wearing less makeup but taking better care of our skin so that the makeup products we once relied on become obsolete. A philosophy I myself can get behind.

I have spoken before about my trouble with Acne. I have always had problem skin, and struggled with the use of products to combat my imperfections and ultimately boost my confidence.

I’m sure that many women would agree with me in saying that it would be great, friggin fantastic to be able to walk out the front door with nothing but a flick of mascara and the swipe of a chap-stick and still feel completely confident in our appearance.

After reading about Korean Beauty Products and the philosophy behind them I reached out to the Australian Korean Cosmetic Stockist – Style Story, and was contacted by Director Lauren Mickel about my personal skin type, concerns and imperfections. I told her of my plight against the pimple, my combination skin and my want to adopt the Korean philosophy of skin care rather than my continued use of makeup products with ingredients that I can not pronounce. After our talk Lauren sent me a selection of Korean Beauty products that Style Story recommends to clients with my particular skin type.

The past couple of weeks I have noticed a significant change in the appearance of my skin – it is less shiny, the number of pimples along my hair line and jaw line have significantly decreased and my face simply looks, well, healthier. Thanks to Lauren and her team at Style Story I have learnt the in’s and out’s of looking after my skin and the products I should use to preserve it:


Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash:

  • I use this product morning and night now because it makes my skin feel so clean. During the day I wear a BB Cream and Powder as well as mascara, eye liner and a touch of lip gloss. This face wash gets rid of all of it in one go without feeling too harsh on my skin.
  • My skin is sensitive and I have had bad reactions to popular skin care brands such as Benzac, ProActiv and Clearasil. As Lauren explained to me, this Korean Beauty product is a perfectly balanced pH 5.5 cleanser. This means that it will not weaken the mantle of the skin and leave it open to bacteria. It is also great for skin like mine that is prone to acne as unbalanced cleansing foams can aggravate sensitive skin.
  • Like other powerful Korean Beauty Products this Powder Wash has some STAR INGREDIENTS: Papain (derived from Papayas) and Vitamin E.



COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid:

  • I have used this product three times in the last 12 days. It is recommended that you gradually build up your use of this product because of the strong ingredients. Although I have only used it three times I have already noticed a difference in my skin, particularly in the T-Zone (Forehead, Nose and Chin). My pores have shrunk and for the first time in a long time my black heads are starting to fade.
  • BHA stands for Beta Hydroxy Acids. These little gems work through the oil on your skin for a deep cleanse and removal of dead skin cells. BHA’s are also anti-inflammatory which is great news for girls like me with sensitive skin.
  •  The STAR INGREDIENT (apart from the obvious BHA’s) is Willow Bark, which has anti-inflammatory as well as exfoliant properties.



Vlancvere Power VC15 Ample:

  • Of all the products I trialled this one was by far my favourite. It made my skin look and feel beautiful. My acne scars have started to fade ever so slightly (which is more than any other product has been able to do) and my skin seems brighter.
  • It wasn’t always my favourite though. The smell of this products is really off-putting, but I learned to ignore it because of the results.
  • This product will last me – a little bit goes a long way. It is jam packed with scientific and natural ingredients that are the backbone of the Korean Beauty philosophy; Pure Vitamin C (15%) (made in Switzerland & France) Ferulic Acid (acts against signs of ageing) Vitamin E, Hydrolized Collagen and Peptides.

These products are only the tip of the Iceberg. Since trialling these products over the course of two weeks I am intrigued as to what else the products from Style Story  can do for my acne prone skin. On the website you are able to search and find products based on your needs and your skin type, oily, combination, dry or sensitive. They even have solutions for ‘mature aged skin’. Mum I know you’re reading this.

In the short amount of time that is two weeks I already feel more confident in the appearance of my skin.

Incorporating Korean Beauty products into your skin care routine will take care of your skin and preserve it, and they are available to Australian women through Style Story. I support this philosophy because it will not only enhance the appearance of your skin, but bring you more confidence.

Which is what we are all about!


Sam Xx

P.S Check out Vlogger sensation Aja Deng (who has over 125,000 Youtube subscribers FYI) and her approach to the Korean Beauty philosophy:






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