My Month of Masks

If any of you have been following me on Facebook and Instagram you will have discovered my latest love for Korean Beauty Products thanks to Australian company Style Story.

My most recent beauty trial has been a full month of Sheet masks. Those white ghost like masks that we see the likes of Emma Stone and Blake Lively using on Instagram to maintain their flawless complexions.

For a month I have used a range of different masks, each promising a different result for my skin. I’ve used a snail mask, a green tea mask, a deep sea mask, an aloe vera mask and even a honey mask.


There were a number of reasons why I loved my Month of Masks from Style Story:

  1. The Mask comes with the correct application dosage already measured out. Unlike traditional masks, sheet masks are packed individually so you don’t have to guess how much you should use on your face, which also means that you get the full effect of the mask because you aren’t using too little of the product or too much.
  2. There are  so many different masks! Whatever you’re skin concern, there is a sheet mask for you. I suffer from acne scarring and regular breakouts so I favoured the Aloe Vera mask to soothe my breakouts as well as the Green Tea mask to whiten my acne scars.
  3. You don’t have to simply sit while wearing a sheet mask. You can get sh*t done. I wore mine in the evenings before bed while I ironed my shirt for work the next day and hung out the washing.
  4. Sheet masks are super convenient. Unlike traditional masks, sheet masks are fuss-free. They leave little mess and are super easy to apply.


So if Sheet Masks haven’t made their way into your beauty routine just yet, head on over to Style Story to find the sheet masks that I’ve been wearing for the past month.

And if you’re really loving them post a beauty selfie a’la Emma Stone to cement your love for this insanely cool new Korean beauty trend.


Sam Xx