The Beautique By Jessica Peris: Canberra’s Ultimate Beauty Destination

A couple of years ago now I had the pleasure of having Jessica Peris do my make up.

I have always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with my face. Growing up, I always thought it was too round, and my cheeks were always a bit chubby. It didn’t help, and still doesn’t help that when I’m at work or mingling at a family function that people love to tell me how much I look like my Dad rather than my drop dead gorgeous hot tamale of a Mum.

When Jessica did my makeup she made me love my face. She made me feel so beautiful and confident, so much so that I forgot years of self consciousness.  Taking off my makeup that night was very hard, and the photos I took that day are still some of the best photos I’ve ever had done.

So it will come as no surprise to you that I have continued to follow Jessica and her beauty career in Canberra. Recently she moved her business; The Beautique by Jessica Peris, to a new store front in Franklin, Gunghalin.

The new space is astonishingly different, on-trend and welcoming. After walking in the front glass door I was stunned.

Let’s start with the space itself.

Unlike most beauty salons where clients are faced with a front desk followed by a channel of rooms in the back, Jessica offers an open area. The tall windows and mezzanine welcomes customers into a modern beauty salon.

The tall windows are fitted with light curtains, allowing the sun to come streaming through into all corners of the space at all times of the day.

The feature wall in the salon is fitted with a feminine floral print, and acts as a gateway to the stairs which lead to the private tanning and waxing rooms.  The floral print designed by Ellie Cashman compliments Jessica’s delicate decor while adding an element of glam.

Jessica’s favourite part of the salon is the bench in the middle. She told me it reminded her of the kitchen bench that some of us have at home; the table that we would all sit at after a long day and gossip and eat. It brings the space together, while at the same time separating the manicure area from the pedicure section. During the day this bench is home to handmade treats from Black Pantry, and selected loose leaf teas from Deitea Teas, with a kettle and tea cups on hand for any client in need of refreshment.  This is also where Jessica hosts her regular makeup and skin care workshops, her latest being a  collaboration with Shii Mii that is for younger women who want to learn the essentials of self care, makeup, and taking a holistic approach to health and beauty.

But back to this gorgeous space.

You might’ve heard about the ‘pink sink’. I know I certainly had.

It’s situated behind the nail area for clients to wash their hands and then apply moisturiser after having their nails done by one of the in-house nail artists. I say artists because the patterns they can create with a small brush and a bit of imagination never cease to amaze me.

As a I sat having my nails done by none other than Jessica herself, we talked about that beautiful sink.

Years ago, Jessica found a picture of a Rose Quartz sink on Pinterest. It was very beautiful and very out of her price range. For the last couple of years she continued to search for this ‘perfect pink sink’ and took her picture from Pinterest with her whenever she travelled, ducking into stores asking if they stocked it or knew where she could find one. Everyone told her that they didn’t have it, didn’t know where Jessica could find one, and also that it would cost her an arm and a leg.

However, forever the perfectionist, Jessica continued her search.

A couple of months before her store opened in Franklin, she was still searching for that perfect pink sink.

And she found it.

Jessica stumbled across an online store that stocked baths and basins, and that luminous perfect pink sink that Jessica had been searching for. Sure, it’s not made of Rose Quartz, but rather Pink Onyx, and I think its even prettier.

I can not recommend Jessica and her team enough.

As I sat there watching Jessica create a delicate rose pattern on my ‘Pink Smoothie’ nails, I couldn’t help but be inspired by Jessica and her journey. She began working at an IGA, then became an IGA Manager, then a uni student, until she followed her passion and became a beautician who went out on a limb and opened her own business. And look at that business now. It is the beauty destination for women of all ages in Canberra.

Thank you for having me Jessica, and I will continue to stalk your social media and follow your inspiring journey.

Love, Sam Xx


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